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Have you ever heard of the 125cm sex doll? She has the height of a primary school student, the figure of a mature woman, and the face of an anime character. If you are an anime fan, you can try to buy some anime costumes and dress them up as beautiful little ones. princess. In addition to tpe sex toys, she is also a good decoration. Every doll we sell is a work of art. If you are willing to buy her, please love and take care of her, please pay attention when using love doll. Please clean her body in time, and then use dry powder to keep the body dry and remove the main bacteria. When not in use, please keep her in a dry environment. If you need other size dolls, you can also check our recommended products in our store. You can find all kinds of mini sex dolls here. Including flat-chested dolls and other categories. We will continue to meet customer needs and ensure that more realistic small items are added to our online store.

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