Q1. Are there items of clothing that can damage my doll?

Dark clothing which is dyed with low quality dyes can stain the silicone if the doll is stored with these items on for long periods of time (10 days or more). As a precaution, wash all dark and vibrant colored clothes before putting them on your doll.

Very tight or binding straps left on your doll over an extended period of time can form dents in her flesh, much the way it does on a real person; unlike a real person’s flesh, however, the silicone can lose shape memory. In other words, it’s fine to dress your doll in corsets or underwire bras, etc., but don’t store her in these types of clothing for extended periods of time.

We also recommend avoiding thick clothing such as denim jeans or boned items like corsets if you are leaving the doll dressed. If you wish to put jeans on your doll we recommend putting pantyhose on it first so that the denim will slide over the silicone. Shirts that button, tie, snap or zip closed are easier to put on dolls than tops such as T-shirts or pullovers.

Q2. How do I clean my doll?

A cleaning kit is included with every doll which consists of a douche ball and antibacterial soap. After you have used your doll, flush the cavities out with warm water and antibacterial soap as soon as possible. The face of the doll can be removed for easy cleaning. You can run the face under hot water to clean it but avoid wetting the eyelashes

Q3. Can I use my doll or Sexdoll accessory item without lubricant?

For your pleasure and for best maintenance of your silicone love toy, you should always use plenty of lubricant.

Q4. What is the range of the doll’s joints?

Sexdoll joints have a very good range of movement — about 180 degrees or more, in most cases. The skeleton used in our dolls moves in nearly all of the ways a real human being does.

Q5. How do I pose and protect my doll’s hands?

When moving your doll, always make sure the hands are out of the way. Never let your doll fall onto its hands as this can cause the finger wires to poke through the silicone. When carrying the doll it is best to put its hands over your shoulders or crossed over its chest. Always pose the hands gently and avoid putting pressure on the fingers. Should one of the wires poke through, you can easily push it back into the silicone. You can opt to use a silicone repair kit to patch the fingers or leave them as they are.

Q6. Do the sex dolls come with the outfits?

The clothes in the photos are not included, they are just used for the photoshoot only.  However we do include a small garment in each order, this is usually a light pink dress.

Q7. What’s the best way to put my sex doll away when I’m not using her?

When you first bring your sex doll home, everything about her is exciting. It may be the case eventually, though, that you want to put her aside while you’re not using her. This can present some challenges. Your sex doll is the size and weight, at least roughly, as a petite woman. That means that you have an entire person lying around who cannot move on her own. You will need to move her to keep her where you want her when she is not in use.

The best place to store your doll is right in bed, laid out in a natural pose. This puts the least amount of stress on her internal skeleton and is the most gentle on her synthetic flesh. Most customers generally leave their sex dolls in their beds for this reason, but you could also put her on a couch or in a chair, in a closet (just don’t fold her up too tightly), or anywhere else that you can put her down gently and not twist her body too tightly to make her fit.

Q8. Is the standing foot bigger than the regular foot,Can the standing foot wear high heel shoes?

the size is the same. The difference is in the ankle which has been redesigned and the sole of the foot reinforced. Only flat shoes are recommended for standing. Sex dolls can wear high heels while not standing.

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