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Latex sex doll refers to any love or hit doll with sensory characteristics. The physical characteristics of the latex doll are made of latex materials or materials with latex characteristics (such as rubber), which are often blown up. The design of latex sex dolls is similar to that of men or women, but there are restrictions in the shemale category. Compared with other material types, this is different from the silicone corresponding to TPE, and their choices in skin color, size, and shape are limited. Latex dolls are not as prominent as silicone and TPE sex dolls, but they are cheap. Although owning latex sex dolls has many disadvantages, latex fuck dolls also have many advantages. Because these latex doll stories are inflatable, they are easy to store in the most discrete and hidden way imaginable. Latex adult dolls are also easy to transport. You can fold the latex love doll into a backpack and go on a camping trip without anyone knowing. Latex doll sex provides the same sexual pleasure as silicone and TPE sex dolls because they have a mouth, vagina (of course for female dolls), penis (obvious for male dolls) and anus (which of course does not Mentioned that this is a feature that both male and female dolls have). Therefore, you can enjoy oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration according to your wishes. Due to the heavy latex used to ensure durability, latex blow up dolls are often coated with a layer of zinc oxide. But don’t worry, because this can easily be washed off. These sex dolls are great sex toys, but if you are allergic to latex, can you stay away from them?

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